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Science of Style

Women's Colour Analysis

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Need to organise a specific time and date that is currently not available? Please contact Alison.

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Interested in doing a Body Shape Analysis on the same day? Purchase both products separately and contact Alison to arrange back-to-back bookings.

  • Do you find specific Colours in your wardrobe that look amazing on you, and other Colours leave you looking and feeling flat and tired?
  • Do you hate shopping?
  • Are you overwhelmed by choice when shopping and go home with nothing, or even worse, buy something that sits in your wardrobe and never gets worn?
  • Is your wardrobe full of clothing but has "nothing to wear"?
  • Are you not inspired by your wardrobe and feel it is not a reflection of who you are or who you would like the world to see?

Our Internationally Certified and Accredited Colour Analysis is conducted by Alison, who holds qualifications in Advanced Colour Analysis, Image Mastery, Personal Styling and Image Consultancy. This service's accuracy, detail, and credibility will give you the answers to your wardrobe challenges and style dilemmas.

What is involved in the Colour Analysis Process?

  • Upon purchase, you will receive an email explaining how to submit your photos if booking the On-Line Analysis or an email explaining how to prepare and book for the In-Person Consult. You can secure a booking months in advance if you wish. 
  • A collection of approximately 18 different categories of Colours will be examined against your complexion using drapes or digitally formatted drapes in controlled conditions.    
  •  We will identify your Value Contrast, Colour Contrast, Overall Value and Skin Undertone. 
  • We will assist you with identifying the prints which will suit you best and how to coordinate your outfits, and explain how to mix and match your colours quickly. 
  • You will receive your unique Swatch of Fifty Colours, your Signature Colours, your best Neutrals and a Convenience Card containing your Neutrals and Colours to place in your wallet or purse.
  • We will advise on your best Hair Colours, Jewellery Colours, Gemstones and Accessories, handbags, Tie, Briefcase, Belts and Suit Colours. 
  • We will give you all your personal Colour Colour Guide.
  • You have the option to join our own Exclusive Closed Facebook Group for ongoing Mentoring and Advice.  

The In-Person  Consultation is at 'The Meeting Place' Studio on the Northern end of the Gold Coast, approximately one hour drive south of Brisbane and about one and a half hours drive north of Byron Bay, located close to the Runaway Bay Marina. Online Consults are available within Australia and New Zealand and Internationally.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Moyra Major
    Truly fascinating

    ➡️ Tell us a little more about yourself.
    “Daily GC radio & news presenter, married mum of 2 young boys. I also run my own public speaking business & host lots of female empowerment events”.

    ➡️ Describe your wardrobe & day to day look?
    “Jeeezzz it’s nothing fancy, I am out the door for the school run each day before work, so I usually grab and go black pants, a tee & a kimono or pop on a loose dress”.

    ➡️ How much time did you spend on yourself dressing?
    “As I am out of the house for most of the day I opt for comfort & with radio you can get away with not being too fussy.”

    ➡️ How confident did you feel making the right choices when out shopping?
    “I know with my public speaking appearances & also my course I run; confidence is key. Knowing how to dress would play a huge part in that, I have to admit outfits I chose always left me feeling I could do better”.

    ➡️ What first interested you in colour analysis?
    “I have a few friends who have had their ‘colours done” over the years & always been fascinated how they had the courage to try new styles & prints after it & looked so much more stylish. I suppose curiosity got me & I felt I had nothing to lose!”

    ➡️ Describe the experience of going through the colour analysis with a stylist, on-line in your own home?
    “Truly fascinating. Alison patiently took me through step by step, explaining not only colours that suited but those that didn’t too. WOW! It was so plain to see. I was diagnosed as SPICY. We thought that was so apt! ☺ ”

    ➡️ What surprised you most about your experience?
    “How you can do it at home in an hour & the little handbag sized colour swatches you get to carry around after your analysis are so handy to have. I never leave home without them now”.

    After receiving your swatches & style guide…

    ➡️ How has the shopping and styling experience changed you?
    “The colour analysis has given me the courage to experiment with the right colours & not just pull the 1st black thing I see from my wardrobe. I have much more confidence in my choices, especially after all the compliments I have been getting”.

    ➡️ How do you feel now about your personal style?
    “I feel more relaxed. It has taken away some of the stress from my day now I have a really good idea of what suits me”.

    ➡️ Who do you believe can benefit most from doing a colour analysis with Science of Style and why?
    “When you see your face framed in its best colours, you will wish you had a colour analysis years ago. Go for it!”

    Tracey Fenemore

    As a personal trainer my wardrobe has only ever really consisted of leggings, activewear & lots of black. I suppose it’s my comfort zone, plus I had no idea which colours worked for me.

    The colour analysis experience was so enjoyable & interesting as it is so far away from my world. Seeing the colours around my face on the screen was mind blowing.
    Colours I was always too scared to experiment with looked amazing!

    Although I still don’t have much time for ‘real’ shopping, I do use the palette to purchase on-line & it has worked out wonderfully for me, especially using the filtering system on the Science of Style website.

    If you want to look fabulous, save time & money, this is priceless!

    Oh! And black is NOT my colour!

    Melissa Newberry
    I finally feel like me!

    I would recommend a Colour Analysis with Alison to anyone who wants to be more confident when dressing. I had a Colour Analysis years ago but I never felt quite right. I now have compete clarity about my colours and I love shopping with my Palette. I am having so much fun shopping and can wear colours I would never have thought of. The best part is my wardrobe is starting to look really beautiful, full of colours that mix and match. I finally feel like me.

    Janelle Knudsen
    Really Enjoyable!

    Several months ago I had the pleasure of experiencing an In Person Colour Analysis at Alison’s Studio at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. It was a really enjoyable and very enlightening experience. Alison made me feel so comfortable and welcome and explained everything I needed to know well. The draping process was amazing. I couldn’t believe the difference certain colours made to my appearance. It is so fascinating. I would highly recommend an In Person Colour Analysis with Alison. It has changed the way I shop, dress and look. I feel so much more confident now.