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Science of Style

Wardrobe Analysis

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Make your wardrobe finally work for you and express your authentic self. Together we will audit your wardrobe to:

  • Identify gaps and pinpoint your needs
  • Choose what to keep, repair or repurpose
  • Say goodbye to items that aren’t serving you!
  • Create a harmonious wardrobe

This service is online - a virtual meet-up in your wardrobe! We can divide this task in two to make it easier and we will conduct this service in a friendly, organised and relaxed manner. A wardrobe analysis is not just a matter of culling your wardrobe. It is about identifying garments you love and those that no longer suit your lifestyle. It's about organising your space better and ensuring your wardrobe looks fabulous and is easy to work with.

Whether you’re juggling professional-life, the high-life, or parenting-life, your wardrobe will finally suit your colour type, body shape, and lifestyle.

*I strongly suggest this is your first service as it allows me to identify your needs more thoroughly.